As they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Although some can debate the accuracy and relevancy of that statement, I think we can all agree that God would rather have us be neat, organized and clean, rather than disorderly and dirty. But whatever your beliefs, it is a proven fact that the more cleanliness you practice, including great hygiene and keeping clean surroundings, the healthier you will be.

One big reason why this is true is the fact that your skin is the largest organ of the human body and absorbs things that come into contact with it very fast. Therefore if you are neglecting your surroundings and letting yourself and your household grow filthy, you will be much more susceptible for illness and various health complications.

So how do you ensure that you maintain the absolute healthiest, filth free lifestyle possible? Be sure to follow these five important guidelines below:

Five Guidelines to Help You Maintain a Clean Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Keep your body clean – This one’s a given and is very basic and important to ensure you are cleansing your body, from top to bottom, of all the harmful toxins you potentially exposed yourself to each day. Thoroughly shower and wash with all natural paraben-free body wash at least once a day. Brush your teeth with all natural flouride-free toothpaste making sure to reach all areas of your mouth.
  2. Keep your insides clean – Keeping your insides clean is just as important as keeping the outside of your body clean. You’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” This is true. You want to do your very best to avoid all harmful toxins which come in the form of artificial flavorings, preservatives, GMO’s, hydrogenated oils, MSG and much more. If you allow what you eat to pollute your body, you will absolutely encounter health issues. It’s all a matter of time.
  3. Keep your household clean – Being sure to keep a fresh and clean environment in which you live, is very important. Clean your home regularly making sure to remove dust and other harmful substances from all surfaces. Getting your air ducts and dryer vents cleaned at least every other year can also reduce the risk of harmful mold and carbon monoxide poisoning in many cases, according to a company that does dryer vent cleaning in Nashville TN. Paying attention to the details, when it comes to house cleaning, can save you a world of troubles in the future.
  4. Keep your mind clean – This one is one of the most neglected points of this guideline by a landslide. Most people pay little to no attention to what they put into their minds. Although this may seem like something that is of little importance, guarding your mind of negativity and filth, which comes in all forms from filthy TV shows to negative thoughts about yourself, is very crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s a fact that the majority of diseases start in the mind. It would make sense then, that you would want to be certain that no garbage or negative thought patterns enter your mind…am I right?
  5. Keep your emotions clean – Last but not least, you want to keep your emotions squeaky clean. What do I mean by that? Just like keeping our minds clean is important, it is equally important to protect our emotions because they effect our mind and our body as a whole. Removing ourselves from unnecessary stressful situations, whether that be abusive relationships, stressful jobs or negative and manipulative friends and family, we should do everything we can to eliminate these things from our lives as they directly impact our emotions, causing damaging emotions like anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, and self esteem issues.

Keeping close tabs on all of these five guidelines, will help you live a clean, happy, and healthy lifestyle for years to come. It may not be easy to follow these guidelines at first, after all habits are one of the hardest things to change, but start now and be consistent and you will only get better with time.

So it’s a new year, everything seems great, and it seems like the year is already starting off good. You have good intentions and you are determined to implement better habits that will get you better results with your life mentally, physically and spiritually. You have purposed in your heart to eat right, exercise regularly and get along with everyone in your life.

You go to bed feeling determined and looking forward to the next day which will be full of awesome new things. These new resolutions are going to transform you into a powerful new person. Little do you know just how hard it will be to get into the routine of actually doing it!

Ring! Ring! Ring!… as soon as your alarm goes off and you open your eyes for the first time in 8 hours, you realize that you do not have the same great feeling and positive outlook on life and the new possibilities that your new commitments can bring. You just plum don’t want to budge. You were enjoying your sleep and the wonderful dream you were having and you definitely do not feel like getting up to go jogging out in the cold winter air.

So what do you do? Do you just tell yourself that you will just post pone your goals for another day? Or do you push past that tendency to procrastinate and get stuck in your comfort zone? That critical moment when you are in that valley of decision, where a fraction of a second is enough time to decide the entire course of your day, is the most important factor in changing those bad habits into good ones.

If we never push past that first inclination to stay comfortable and not get up and get out, then we will never strengthen our will to fight for what we really want and need deep down inside. We must take the first step each day, the hardest step of them all, the step that involves self denial and much will power. But once we learn the power of simply tapping into our will power and committing to not letting anything or anyone keep us from our goals.. It suddenly becomes easier to keep on taking more steps…

Soon what started out as the hardest part of the process becomes so natural that it’s almost like second nature, and that is when we’ve won the inner battle with the laid back, lazy, undecided, wimpy, loser that wants nothing else but to be comfortable. No one needs him to ever win again.



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Welcome to today’s post on health. We want to start this off by wishing you plenty of health and financial wellness in your life going into the new year. Our health is very important to us and we hope your health is just as important to you.

Many of our goals, dreams, and aspirations depend on our health and how much energy we have to put into the work and effort it takes to achieve them. We want to encourage you and remind you to always keep in mind that our priorities can either make or break us. Make sure your health is one of your top priorities.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle full of passion and energy.

  1. Decrease, or Cut out, any consumption of processed foods. Pastries, pastas, refined sugar, white bread, and almost all packaged foods are processed and should be kept to a minimum in your diet if not completely excluded. Processed foods have a lot of empty calories and can be difficult for your digestive system to break down and assimilate.
  2. Include fresh juiced fruits and vegetables in your diet. Kale, carrots, cabbage, apples, spinach and celery are all great foods that provide a lot of great nutrition for your bodies needs, and can be easily juiced into a tasty, healthy drink.
  3. Drink tea or carbonated flavored water instead of soda. Soda is one of the leading contributors to diabetes. The sugar content in soda alone is enough to harm you, not to mention soda is highly acidic and bad for the body’s PH balance.
  4. Spend some quality time with yourself. We often look past our emotional health and don’t realize the impact it can have on us physically. Take some time to gather your thoughts and relax by yourself. It can really help you reboot.
  5. Exercise everyday. Exercising releases healthy hormones into our blood stream that help improve our mood. Exercise is also crucial to maintaining healthy circulation and overall strength.
  6. Get a good nights rest. Sleep is absolutely crucial for our body’s metabolism. Without adequate sleep our bodies can’t repair and reboot for the next day, causing us to be sluggish.
  7. Do what you love. Doing what you love is the best way to enjoy life and promote health in your life. So start living life the way you want to today! Don’t wait.