So it’s a new year, everything seems great, and it seems like the year is already starting off good. You have good intentions and you are determined to implement better habits that will get you better results with your life mentally, physically and spiritually. You have purposed in your heart to eat right, exercise regularly and get along with everyone in your life.

You go to bed feeling determined and looking forward to the next day which will be full of awesome new things. These new resolutions are going to transform you into a powerful new person. Little do you know just how hard it will be to get into the routine of actually doing it!

Ring! Ring! Ring!… as soon as your alarm goes off and you open your eyes for the first time in 8 hours, you realize that you do not have the same great feeling and positive outlook on life and the new possibilities that your new commitments can bring. You just plum don’t want to budge. You were enjoying your sleep and the wonderful dream you were having and you definitely do not feel like getting up to go jogging out in the cold winter air.

So what do you do? Do you just tell yourself that you will just post pone your goals for another day? Or do you push past that tendency to procrastinate and get stuck in your comfort zone? That critical moment when you are in that valley of decision, where a fraction of a second is enough time to decide the entire course of your day, is the most important factor in changing those bad habits into good ones.

If we never push past that first inclination to stay comfortable and not get up and get out, then we will never strengthen our will to fight for what we really want and need deep down inside. We must take the first step each day, the hardest step of them all, the step that involves self denial and much will power. But once we learn the power of simply tapping into our will power and committing to not letting anything or anyone keep us from our goals.. It suddenly becomes easier to keep on taking more steps…

Soon what started out as the hardest part of the process becomes so natural that it’s almost like second nature, and that is when we’ve won the inner battle with the laid back, lazy, undecided, wimpy, loser that wants nothing else but to be comfortable. No one needs him to ever win again.



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