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Health is wealth and one of the most important aspects of life. Period. We want to emphasize this as much as possible here at tristateartsassociation.org because we believe people suffering from more ailments now more than ever before.

Americans in general, for close to 100 years now, have been declining in overall health. Obesity, diabetes, gastro intestinal disorders, cancer, lupus, heart disease, blood pressure issues, mental disorders and so many other diseases, are on a rise.

On top of the steep increase of physical and mental disorders, many of the pharmaceutical drugs that are being proscribed for these diseases, only treat the symptoms and don’t really correct the cause of the problem. To add even more fuel to the fire, many of these drugs come with a long list of possible side effects, some of which, are worse than the symptoms they fix.

So what should we do when all else fails? Well for one, we must start eating right! And when it comes to eating right, we’re not just talking about eating more fresh foods and drinking healthier beverages. Eating lot’s of fresh fruits and salads is important, but we can’t neglect the little things, like eating organic non GMO’s foods, and exercising temperance in not over stuffing ourselves at each meal.

These are the things that all add up to a healthy lifestyle that will keep us feeling young and full of energy for years to come. That’s what we’re all about here at tri-state art association and we want to spread the wealth of knowledge that we are blessed to have about living a better life from the inside out.


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